Superseal Architectural Mouldings  
  Superseal Architectural Mouldings
  Superseal Architectural Mouldings  


Manufacturers and Suppliers of Bespoke Architectural Embellishments, made from Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC)

Superseal GRC is a Swansea, based company with 20 years experience in the manufacture and supply of bespoke glass-fibre & concrete based products. During this period, the company has produced GRP & GRC mouldings and services for use in the construction sectors. Superseal was the first company to introduce the wide-scale application of glass-fibre roofing systems to the UK construction industry. Superseal's vast experience in the industrial application of glass-fibre technology ensures consistently high standards of quality are met in the design and manufacture of our GRC & GRP products.

GRC is now used in the construction industry in a wide range of products, simulating sandstone architectural mouldings, porticos, canopies, corbels, columns, grand porticos, window embellishments, cladding panels and kitchen and bathroom furniture.

This material can be used to produce lightweight simulated stone products, this is currently being used by Housing Associations, Architects and Local Authorities for urban redevelopment schemes through out the country.

Rooftop Colonade

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