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Georgian Grand Porticos

Georgian Grand Portico


Manufactured using either vibration cast or sprayed application methods, GRC offers the following benefits:

  • Impermeable and water resistant
  • Non-combustible
  • Rust, rot and corrosion proof
  • Highly resistant to cracking or chipping
  • Improved strength and chemical resistance over traditional stone / concrete cast products
  • Can be pigmented to blend with most existing concrete / stone work (colour matching available)
  • Easily moulded to produce complicated shapes, details and textures
  • Easily formed into thin lightweight sections
  • Compatible with and bonds with concrete
  • Insulation and sound-proofing properties

    Quick and Easy on-site installation

    Georgian Grand Portico - Assembly

    Georgian Grand Portico - Construction Method advice 

    1) Measure out and set out centres of columns.

    2) Mark building wall where portico attaches.

    3) Drill out for 2 starter reinforcing bars for each column (starter bars should be a min 225mm higher than the top of the column base).

    4) Drill wall and secure 2 starter bars min 225mm to start concrete ring beam.

    5) Secure corbel supports to wall with fixings provided.

    6) Set and concrete pillar bases into position (leave enough space for columns to sit inside pillar bases).

    7) Secure reinforcing bars to starter bars of a sufficient length to pick up the ring beam.

    8) Position columns and crowns and support as necessary.

    9) Erect a support (H scaffolding e.g.) to hold front and sides of cornice permanent formwork.

    10) Fix sections of permanent formwork.

    11) Position reinforcing bars and join to starter bars from column and from building.

    12) Grout all joints with grout provided to prevent leakage from concrete pour.

    13) When cured sufficiently pour concrete to fill columns and concrete ring beam to top of inside of permanent form.

    14) Seal and fix as necessary.

    Note: These specifications and instructions may change without notice.

  • For information only, and may not be accurate.

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