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Superstone products

Exterior products
Our extensive range of Exterior Products include:

  • conservatories
  • porticos
  • canopies
  • balconies
  • orangeries
  • planters
  • corbels
  • poser tables
  • shop fronts
  • window embellishments
  • door embellishments
  • pillars & columns
  • georgian & victorian entrance facade
  • barbeque counter tops
  • Exterior gas pipe covers

Exterior Products


The number and type of industrial and architectural applications for which GRC can be used is virtually limitless. Recent work performed for a Local Authority for example required the design and manufacture of Period architecture as part of an urban redevelopment programme.Further examples of typical applications are:

Exterior Product
  • Parapets
  • Porticos
  • Window surrounds
  • Fire surrounds
  • Cladding panels
  • Façade formations
  • Screen walling
  • Urban furnishings
  • ‘Theme’ architecture
  • Conduit and channelling

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